Parish Amalgamation Consultation

Paper 1: Considering Parish Boundaries

The diocesan proposal (published in January 2017) put forward the amalgamation of these two parishes to form one new parish. The boundary description is:

From the point where Agecroft Road crosses the railway, S along Salford Crescent – Clifton railway then by a bee-line to Salford Crescent – Swinton railway to Laundry Street. W along Laundry Street, Nave Court, Charles Street, Broad Street and by a bee-line to Chasely Road, Eccles Old Road, Half Edge Lane, Victoria Crescent, Ellesmere Road to the end of the road. Then NW by a beeline to Folly Brook (including all Welbeck Road and Godolphin Close estate in the Ss Peter and Paul parish) and by a beeline across Eccles College to the border of Swinton Park Golf Club, and NE along Welwyn Drive (both sides in St Luke’s), E along East Lancashire Road and Manchester Road. Then by a bee-line NE to and along Highfield Drive, Fairway, NW along Bolton Road and Agecroft Road to the point it crosses the railway.

A map showing the proposed boundary of the new parish is displayed in each of our churches is available here “St John – Salford” deanery"

The amalgamation of two or more parishes to form a new parish normally means that the existing boundaries of the parishes are simply combined into one new overall boundary. This is what is proposed here. However, part of the consultation process regarding amalgamation requires us to ask the questions:

  • Are the new boundaries the most appropriate?

  • Are there any particular boundary issues arising from the proposal or that precede it?

  • Do the boundaries of the new amalgamated parish still raise any pastoral issues?

  • In the light of local knowledge, are any future amendments to be suggested or noted at this time?

  • Are there other boundaries which need to be considered? (Topographical, LEA, etc.)

  • Are there any significant changes in population you can envisage for the next five to ten years?

  • Do you anticipate any future changes arising from the “Strengthening our Presence as Church: A

    Journey in Hope” planning process that will impact further on your new boundaries?

    So the amalgamation process gives us the opportunity to make either minor or major adjustments to the proposed boundaries of our new parish, so that we can best address the pastoral and spiritual needs of the people in this area. Naturally, as part of this process, we are required to consult with our neighbouring parishes:

  • St James and All Souls, Pendleton and Weaste

  • St Mary, Eccles

  • (St Charles, Swinton)

  • St Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Swinton


  1. Do you agree with the proposed parish boundaries as set out above?

  2. Do you have any proposals or suggestions for amending the parish boundaries?

  3. Are you aware of any developments which might impact on these boundaries in the near


You can respond to these questions either on the printed form available or download the form here.

Rev Canon Michael Cooke VG Parish Priest
17 October 2018